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Eldest Brother Humorcast:
"Religions have given God a bad name"

In another hilarious “humorcast,” the Eldest Brother of the "Outlaw" Desposyni Church” uses humor to explain how religion has given people a false image of God and that only the Desposyni Church has the true image of God, as drawn by both Jesus and the Comforter.


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Eldest Brother Humorcast:
"Christians have made Jesus a bad word"

In this hilarious "humorcast," the Eldest Brother of the "Outlaw" Desposyni Church discusses how Christians have turned Jesus into a bad word.


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Eldest Brother Humorcast:
"Gospel of John's Comforter Dude"

In this humorcast, the Eldest Brother of the "Outlaw" Desposyni Church” describes how it is not Jesus, (but the One Jesus called “The Comforter” in the Gospel of John), who will lead people to the Book of Revelation's "New Jerusalem."


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Podcasts - Audios on the Secret Wisdom in the CDs and Jesus' Ancient Prophecies

The Desposyni's Eldest Brother is the Comforter

  • Hear where it is specifically recorded in the Bible that Jesus told his followers another Comforter would come and do “greater works” than Jesus.

  • Listen as today's Comforter explains those "greater works" and hear precise meanings in the Gospel of John where the prophesized Comforter will be a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene's children.

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A Secret 1,940 year old Document from Jesus
Introduces You to “The Comforter” of Today

  • Hear about Ancient Documents discovered in 1997 by the Desposyni’s Eldest Brother after days of prayers, ceremonies and visions

  • Listen to how Jesus became a Son of God and a Christ by accessing the “Barbelo” and what today’s Comforter was sent to do
Jesus said “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” Gospel of John 14:26

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Jesus’ Use of the Secret 13th Zodiac Sign

  • Hear how Jesus and Enoch used the Ancient One’s 13 Zodiac Signs to make their prophecies about today’s world

  • Listen to methods used by Jesus and Enoch to make prophecies about today’s world, learn about the help they received from the Teraphim

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Jesus and Mary Magdalene – The
Ultimate Love Story in Jesus’ Own Words

  • Hear about Jesus’ reluctance to meet his mother’s friend, a royal virgin temple priestess, like his mother Mary was before she married Joseph

  • Listen to the legendary gift Jesus gave his wife Mary Magdalene and their 3 children in 63 AD, just before he Ascended

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What Would Jesus Say? – Jesus’ Prophecy
About the Dangers of Cell Phone Energies

  • Hear Jesus’ words and his prophecy about the effect of digital wireless energies and how in the last 20 year cycle of life these energies would destroy the heavenly energies of joy and lower the earthly energies of happiness down to the level of hell’s unhappiness

  • Listen as Jesus describes his secret gift to the “Children of Solomon” and how this gift was built into 11th and 12th century cathedrals to help God loving people in the last year of the last 20 year cycle

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    What Would Jesus Say? – Jesus’ Prophecy
    About the Women’s Rights Movement

  • Hear JBP’s or Jesus’ description of how both men and women were made in the image of God, as well as why women have a heavenly view of life while men have an earthly view of life

  • Listen to Jesus prophesize today’s women’s rights movements, that in the last days women would be underpaid for doing a man’s work, and still be treated as second class citizens in religions

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